Uncompromising Excellence. Patient Centered Care.

Horizon Family Medicine is one of Central Alberta’s largest family medical practices and focuses on patient centered care through a “Medical Home” model. The clinic is part of the Red Deer Primary Care Network and utilizes a shared Telus Health electronic medical record (EMR) database integrated with Alberta Netcare.

If you are a panelled patient of Horizon and you have enrolled with our online portal, Pomelo Health, we encourage you to regularly use the portal for your appointment booking needs as well as for other valuable clinic interface features. If you have not already enrolled and are interested, please inquire with clinic staff.

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Our Collaborative Care Partners

Horizon Family Medicine is proud to partner with a number of Central Alberta based medical services organizations to provide our patients access to a range of experts in diagnostic imaging, cardiology, clinical research, and comprehensive care with other health care professionals.

CAMIS Central Alberta Medical Imaging Service

Central Alberta Medical Imaging

On-site services by CAMIS at Horizon Family Medicine include diagnostic ultrasound, including pre-natal pregnancy ultrasound services. CAMIS are the regional leaders in advanced diagnostic imaging services with a team of experts that is focused on providing medical imaging you can trust.

Healthy Heart Institute

Healthy Heart Institute

Starting in early 2023, Healthy Heart Institute delivers easy and timely access to cardiac testing including ECG, ambulatory monitoring of cardiac rhythm, and ambulatory blood pressure testing. They are a multi-disciplinary medical services provider, specializing in cardiology, internal medicine and respirology.

Care Clinic

CARe Clinic

The CARe Clinic manages various medical research studies that allow qualified patients to participate in clinical trials for new treatments, medications, and medical advancements. Their core research areas include women’s health, dermatology, general medicine, vaccines, and urology. CARe Clinic is one of Canada’s most respected clinical research centres.

Red Deer Primary Care Network

Red Deer Primary Care Network

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) bring local physicians and other health care professionals together to provide comprehensive patient care to Albertans. PCNs are comprised of groups of family physicians working with other health care professionals such as Nurses, Pharmacists, Dietitians, Nurse Practitioners, Exercise Specialists, Social Workers, and Mental Health Professionals.

Our Medical Team

Family Physicians

  • Dr. Katherine Atchison MD, CCFP, FCFP
  • Dr. Richard Beever BSc, MD, CCFP, CI, CCFP(EM), FCRP, UofA Clinical Associate Professor
  • Dr. Maleeha Choudhry MD
  • Dr. Emily Devereaux BSc, MD, CCFP
  • Dr. Carlie Duke MSc, MD, CCFP
  • Dr. Taha Ehsan  MD
  • Dr. Bradley Greig MD
  • Dr. Mandy Hyde BSc, MD, CCFP
  • Dr. John Julyan-Gudgeon BSc MSc MD CCFP
  • Dr. Jeffrey Mulder  MD, CCFP
  • Dr. Chauntille Munchinsky MD, CCFP, FCFP
  • Dr. Roxana Nechifor MD, PhD, CCFP 
  • Dr. Sereyrath Ngeth MSc, MD, CCFP
  • Dr. Samreen Rahman MD
  • Dr. Nav Rattan DPM, MD, CCFP-SEM, Dip Sport Medicine
  • Dr. Gage Seavilleklein  MD
  • Dr. Marci Wilson BSc, MD, CCFP, FCFP

General Internal Medicine

  • Dr. Quinn Daviduck MD, FRCPC
  • Dr. Rabia Usman MD


  • Martin Penninga BBA

Our Core Values

Integrity and Trust

Integrity and trust are the foundation of who we are and the service we provide our patients.

Excellence in Patient Care and Service

Top quality, timely, and personable patient care is essential. Team members will strive to place the patient’s needs first and provide exceptional medical expertise and service.


Professionalism, respect and compassion are always a focus for our team in dealing with our patients. Team members will demonstrate a commitment to protecting the patient’s privacy and ensure the clinic environment experience is extraordinary.