Horizon Family Medicine Family Medicine

Our family physicians are professional, experienced, compassionate and dedicated to assisting you in managing your health.

Horizon Family Medicine provides an integrated, patient-centred health care approach to caring for our patients at every age and stage in life. We see a spectrum of patients who have mild and acute health illness to chronic and complex health conditions requiring long term management (such as high blood pressure and diabetes). This can include utilizing the resources and expertise of Red Deer Primary Care Network, professionals such as family, maternity, and mental health nurses who jointly work with us.

One of our keys priorities is to build strong, long term relationships with our patients and families so that we can provide personalized care. We aim to involve our patients with their own health goals and set priorities for routine preventative health care screening such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, and colorectal cancer screening.

As health care professionals, our doctors regularly attend medical conferences and programs as part of continued medical education. Our goal is to remain up to date with clinical guidelines and best practices in order to continue to provide exceptional care for our patients.

Since as a clinic we serve over 18,000 panelled patients, Horizon Family Medicine is an extremely busy practice. However, we do strive to provide same-day urgent appointments when required, and offer Urgent Access availability to our patients (similar to a “walk-in” for Horizon patients).

We are multi-disciplinary clinic, and our family physicians offer these and many more services.

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Looking for a Family Doctor? 

Currently, the family physicians at Horizon Family Medicine are not accepting new patients. However, the clinic will update this webpage if any Horizon physicians are able to accept new patients. Please also visit the Red Deer PCN website for area physicians who also may be accepting new patients.