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The decision to have a vasectomy is an important one that has several factors to consider.  We are here to guide you through the process, answer your questions,  and prepare you for a seamless procedure.

Dr. Rattan and his team is committed to seeing you through this very important decision while giving you the highest standard of care – care that you can trust. Our Horizon Family Medicine Vasectomy team in Red Deer is committed to providing patients with a private and professional experience throughout consultation, procedure, and recovery.

Information About Vasectomies in Red Deer

What is a Vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a permanent operative procedure performed in our medical office under local anesthesia. The procedure interrupts the flow of sperm between the epididymis (testes) and the prostate, through a tried and tested 4 step process (explained during consult). The procedure itself takes between 10 and 15 minutes, is generally extremely well tolerated with minimal discomfort, and an extremely low complication rate.

Is a Vasectomy Right for Me?

The decision to have a vasectomy is a serious one with lifelong consequences. There are several factors to consider.

Do I think that I might want to have more children?

If you think that there is a possibility that you might want additional children in the future, you should not have a vasectomy. Your vasectomy will prevent you from conceiving a child and should be considered a permanent form of male birth control.
Vasectomy reversal surgery is not a fully effective way to restore male fertility, and no one should use surgery to temporarily suppress fertility. A vasectomy reversal may be possible, but the results are not certain. A vasectomy is recommended only for men who are certain they will not want to conceive a baby.

Am I a good candidate for vasectomy surgery?

There are not many contra-indications for a vasectomy procedure. If you are confidant that you are not wanting more children, a few other points to consider are:

  • Do you have any pre-existing issues affecting your scrotum (E.g., hernia in that area, scarring from injury)
  • What is your general ability to tolerate a minor surgery?
  • Will you be able to follow the doctor’s instructions on post-operative care?

What Else to Consider?

Permanent Male Sterilization

Vasectomy should be considered permanent and non-reversible.  Reversals are not always an option or guaranteed to be successful.

Decision Regrets

You may regret your decision one day if it is taken prematurely. Statistically, men in their 20s with less than 2 children are most likely to seek a vasectomy reversal in the future.

Time – Men change

Some men are totally convinced that they do not want kids. In our experience, some men develop a different attitude about having children as they get older and their life situation changes.

Time – Women also change

Some women who do not want children change their minds as they grow older. For example, a woman who had a difficult pregnancy may feel she would never want to go through another pregnancy, only to change her mind after a few years.


Life can have many unexpected turns and events. There is a chance that in a few years, you may be with a different partner who may have a strong desire to have kids.

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Is a Vasectomy covered under
Alberta Health Care?


While the cost of the operation is covered by Alberta Health Services, there is a $200.00 fee to cover surgical supplies that is due at the time of your procedure. Please check with your private insurance provider if they will reimburse you for this charge.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vasectomies in Red Deer

How soon can I go back to work?

You should avoid doing any physical activity for one week (7 days) after the procedure. If you have a physical job, arrange for one week of rest at home. If you have a sedentary (office) job, you can return to work by the next day, provided your work is sitting down. If it involves walking and standing around, arrange to take a week off from work. Not adhering to the recommendations will increase your chance of complications like swelling, bleeding, etc.

Is Vasectomy safe?

Yes. A vasectomy is a safe procedure and with a very low-risk for complications.

A common, minor complication can be mild bruising. It is very important to follow the post-procedure guidelines given to you at your consultation ( such as wearing tight, brief-style underwear to decrease your chances of bleeding or swelling ).


More serious complications are very uncommon, but can include infection ( treated successfully with antibiotics ), a painful bump on the vas ( sperm granuloma ), and bleeding into the scrotum ( scrotal hematoma ).


About 5% of men experience pain in the testicles that occurs several weeks after the procedure.  This typically only lasts a few days and resolves with oral anti-inflammatory medications like Advil or Motrin.


Will the procedure be painful?

The vasectomy procedure is pretty much painless once the anesthesia takes effect. You will only feel a little discomfort for a few seconds during the anesthetic application.

How long will the Vasectomy take?

Once the local anesthesia takes effect, the actual procedure takes less than 15 minutes. However, you need to arrive in clinic 45 minutes prior to your appointment time.

Why is shaving the area suggested before the procedure?

Shaving keeps the surgical area more hygienic and allows for optimal visibility for the physician performing the vasectomy.

Is there any discomfort afterwards?

You may be mildly sore for a few days after your vasectomy. Some men describe it as comparable to when the freezing wears off after a visit to the dentist. In this case a mild, over the counter painkiller such as Advil or Tylenol is effective. It is important to adhere to the post-operative instructions to assure best recovery with minimal discomfort.

When can I start having sex again?

You can have sex after a minimum of 7 days. We advise using another form of contraception until you have completed your semen analysis, 3 months post-vasectomy.

Will vasectomy change me sexually?

There are no changes sexually or hormonally that occur from having a vasectomy. The only change from having a vasectomy is that you can no longer make your partner pregnant.

Will I be sterile right away?

No. After a vasectomy, active sperm can remain in your body for almost 3 months. Therefore, until you have completed the semen analysis 3 months after your procedure, your partner and you should use alternate forms of contraception.

Can a Vasectomy be reversed?

It may be possible – but vasectomy reversals are not always successful and can be very expensive.  Reversals are not covered by Alberta Health Services.

Getting Ready for Your Vasectomy

How should I prepare for my procedure?

  • Do not take anti-inflammatory medications like Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil or Naproxen two weeks prior to your procedure date. These medications can increase the risk of bleeding during the procedure. If you are on a blood thinner, please speak with Dr. Rattan for instructions regarding this.
  • Eat a light breakfast and lunch the day of your vasectomy.
  • Shave the entire scrotum (sac area) the night before your procedure.
  • If you are extremely nervous about the procedure, be sure to discuss this with Dr. Rattan at your Consultation appointment.
  • You will need to be picked up after your vasectomy is completed. Be sure someone is available to drive you home after the procedure.
  • Wear tight-fitting briefs/underwear to your procedure appointment.
  • Be prepared to take the rest of the day off.

What do I need to do after my procedure?

  • You need to spend the first 24 hours post-procedure lying down.
  • Apply indirect icing for 15 minutes every hour, for the first 4 hours to reduce swelling.
  • You can have a shower after 24 hours, but do not have a bath/hot tub/or swim for one week.
  • No sexual or physical activities for 7 days after your vasectomy.
  • If scrotal swelling is significant (1.5-2 times larger than normal), or if you have pain/redness/discharge from the wound and a fever is present, please inform our office or if after hours, go to the nearest hospital.
  • Do Not Forget to do your 3-month post vasectomy semen analysis as directed.